It is payback time..

07 november 2012

For Swedens Trans* and Gender Variant people!

A coalition of Sweden’s LGBTQ and Trans* organizations have joined forces to bring justice to Trans* and Gender Variant people in Sweden.

The coalition that are working jointly are RFSL – the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights,
RFSL Ungdom – the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Youth,
KIM – Gender Identity Diversity, FPES – Free Personality Expression Sweden and Diskrimineringsbyran Uppsala – the Discrimination Bureau of Upsala, Sweden.

For further information do contact the President of RFSL Ulrika Westerlund at ulrika.westerlund@rfsl.se

In an outstanding class action law suite under the leadership of civil rights attorney Kerstin Burman the Swedish Government will finally have to face the cost for the forced sterilizations of Trans* and Gender Variant Swedish citizens who for decades have to undergo sterilization and in order to enjoy the basic human right have their gender legally recognized.

Attorney Kerstin Burman will represent the claims of well over 100 victims of forced sterilization in Sweden.
The Swedish Government has as a result of an earlier legal action accepted to pay compensation to the victims of forced sterilization between 1935 and 1975.
The victims were mainly Roma and Traveler women as well as persons with disabilities and single unmarried women with low income.

I’m proud to say that I’m joining my fellow Trans* and Gender Variant victims in this legal battle. Finally the time has come for the Sweden to pay for decades of injustice and human rights violations to our people!




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